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"A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." That is the slogan
of the widely popular game, reversi. Indeed, my fascination with
the game has stayed with me from childhood all the way till now.
It never ceases to amaze me how such a simple game can be so
difficult to become good at it.

During my spare time, when I booked out from army camp, I've
created my very own reversi applet, which I incorporated into it
a basic AI. It is still not a great AI, and I will try to improve it in
time to come. Do give it to try, it's very simple. Use "Options"
menu to select whether you want to be black (starts first) or
white (starts second). If you have no moves left when it comes to
your turn, click the pass button. In case you are not sure of the
rules of reversi, you can check out this page.

If you do not see the applet above, you may need to install java
runtime environment. Click on the link below. If you have any
comments, you can email me @