Egypt Oct 2009

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My spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt took me to Cairo, El Minya, Luxor, Aswan. With me are
my excellent guides Stephen Mehler and Vivian Zaki, as well as some wonderful folks
from all over the world. It has been a truly mind-opening and unforgettable journey.
I have a feeling I will return one day.

The Great Pyramid

Camel cowboy

All together

Stephen & the impossibly smooth granite


Red Pyramid

Acoustic resonance chamber in Red Pyramid

Stepped Pyramid

Bent Pyramid (2 resonant freqs)

Glorious food!

Sunrise on the Nile

Apache helicopter? (Abydos temple)

The Osirion

Flower of Life

Thoth, Horus, & waters of life (Ankh)

Ancient electricity (Temple of Hathor)

Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Colossi of Memnon

Crocodile initiation chamber (Temple of Sobek)

Kom Ombo temple

Sheikh Yee Fun

Goddess Hathor, my Love

Hathor and Horus

Temple of Isis

Unfinished Obelisk (1200 tons)

The Green Nile

National Geographic

Mena House

Inside Great Pyramid

King's Chamber ceremony

Sacrophagus (for initiation)

Buried alive

Group photo