China 2005

The tenacious adventurers of BTW, SMM embarked on another expedition during
course break, to get away from the trainees. Our 9 day tour of China took us to
Shanghai, Suzhou (where MM Lee is worshipped like god), Nanjing, Huang Shan
(no Zhang Wu Ji there, to my disappointment...), Hangzhou, and back to Shanghai.
With me are Huang Song, Jolene, and Graham.

Wang Shi garden

Xuanwu Lake

Xuanwu sunset

Nanjing's "red light district"

Ferocity seafood

On Huang Shan

Brightness peak (Guang Ming Ding)

I'm the master archer

Flying rock

Cruise gamblers

Revenge of the Sung empire

Happy Yuan Xiao!

Hangzhou Chiobu

Inside Yaolin caves

West Lake

Shanghai CCTV tower