Psycho Test Results

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Here are the results of your responses. Remember, don't take them too seriously.
This is just for fun. If you have any psycho tests you would like to see put up online
you're welcome to send them to me via email to

Question 1
The material of the cube represents the strength of your determination. Your response:

Question 2
The size of the cube represents your ego. Your response:

Question 3
The strength of the waterfall represents your sex drive. Your response:

Question 4
The sprial staircase represents friendship. The material you chose represents the strength of your friendships. Your response:

Question 5
The horse represents your wife/husband. The color you chose represents the color of your ideal wife/husband. Your response:

Question 6
The staircase represents your friends. The horse represents your lover. It is now clear which is more important to you. Your response:

Question 7
Based on your responses, I have figured out which card you chose.

Your card is not there. Right?